Motivation Flop


How do I stay motivated in my career? 

What happens when you just can't figure out how to get that spark back that you once had?

First of all, I want to tell you that everybody goes through this. If you've been at it for a long time, you're bound to go through seasons where it just doesn't feel like this is the right fit for you, or you feel like maybe you're not even on the right path in your career choice. It can be a daunting feeling and for some it is very overwhelming. It can often lead into people taking jumps, and steps, and risks into areas of business that probably weren't the healthiest decisions. So what can you start doing practically today that might actually spark that passion and motivation back into your business again?

We're going to give you 3 questions that you need to sit down and ask yourself.

Question Number One

I want to know when is the last time that you truly stretched yourself? Or are you trying to just one man band this whole thing? If you haven't stretched yourself lately, where are areas that you could grow? What are things that you can be doing? Steps that you can be taking to better your business? I can guarantee that if you sat down with somebody that you knew and trusted, and that could be a business mentor for you, they could give you at least one area where you could be stretching yourself a little bit further. Now, when you're already feeling down and out you could take this offensively quite easily, but I encourage you not to. It's so important to be able to sit down and discuss your company, your business, your career with somebody that you know and trust. Often it's easier for people from the outside that know you really well to be able to see areas where you could be thriving. The point is not to switch paths in your career the point is to stay planted and grow even stronger. If you are currently in the camp of trying to one man band this - it's just not healthy. We were made to network, to connect with other people around us, and when you build that connection around you, you also have people that you can delegate tasks to. Outsourcing can cause a huge burden to be lifted off of you when you have people that you know and trust that you can delegate tasks to that you don't need to do the tedious work yourself. You can get back to what you love. If you love working with your hands but you hate the administration part of running a business, hire somebody to do that for you - taking away the tedious tasks that you don't necessarily enjoy doing.  This can spark the motivation back in you when you have extra time to be able to commit to the stuff that you do love!

Question Number Two

What is your motive? What is your focus or your motive behind your career? I need you to sit down, take a minute, and figure out what the big picture is behind your career. Where do you want to go? Where are you headed in your business? What is your focus? Are you focusing on the income or are you focused on connection? Businesses that are solely focused on just the dollar bills rolling in are often left empty handed, no matter what the number is. If you're making the money, but not the connections, you're missing a beautiful element of business. How are you giving back to your community? I promise you that if you even take one season and give it a shot focusing on connection rather than income, I can tell you that your business will grow in ways that you probably never would have expected! How can you bring people into your world? How can you build that connection within your company? Which brings us to question over 3.

Question Number Three

Have you exhausted every area that you can grow your business? Are there avenues and paths that you haven't even ventured on to? Are there ways that you can join up with charities or side projects that you can pour into? How can your business better the world. I guarantee that there are fantastic local charities that are all around you. How can you reach out and partner with them? How can you use your business to bless others?

If you want to see how Market House can help free up some of your time so you can take in more of your life again, drop us a line - we'd love to hear from you!