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PERSPECTIVE | Guest blog with Next Level Consulting


Have you ever traveled and taken a picture from multiple perspectives of the same thing, (Front and back)? Maybe you’ve taken a picture from one spot and then turned around to take a photo of a completely different view, (beach and city)? Maybe you’ve taken a picture from the same location but years or weeks apart? The thing that unites these scenarios is that they each offer a unique perspective. 

A perspective of VIEW, 

a perspective of POSITION, 

and a perspective of TIME.

Where we stand in life offers so much perspective on its own, but our view can change drastically by just moving an inch to the left or the right. When is the last time you went to a concert and there was a head or a pole in your way? Sometimes we need to switch seats with someone so our perspective can change and we can enjoy the show. Sometimes we need to switch seats with someone to understand their frustrations, and sometimes we need to switch seats with someone so we can understand why we or they, are not getting breakthrough or understanding.


Our view of a building, a plant, a person, a business, or a problem, can change drastically by circling around, backing up, zooming in, looking from behind, side, or top. The same is true of problems. 

In business and in life, how often do we come up against the same problem more than once? Or we cannot get a solution to a long standing problem? And yet we see others move through the same obstacles almost effortlessly; we need a new perspective, we need to see what they see, we need to step back and look at it from a different angle or a different viewpoint.  How can we finally see what we are missing? How can we see the dead thing ruining what is thriving? How can we see the neglected area that needs love and attention? 

By getting (or changing) our perspective!

They say hindsight is 20-20, hindsight is just another perspective. How can you gain perspective without it coming through hindsight? Hindsight is too late and can lead to missed opportunities or regret. Tackling a problem from a different angle, a different perspective, or a different position, can help you avoid regret. 

Who is on your team and in your corner?

Who is the coach that sees the big picture from the sidelines and calls out instruction? Who is watching out for you from up top, on the side, down low, and up high?

Life and business is a team effort, don’t do it alone!

Listen up, reflect, and take it ALL in; the whole view! Leave no angle overlooked, seek out others opinions and suggestions, and take as many pictures as you can take before you make a decision. 

NEXT LEVEL CONSULTING is a part of our Market House team and offers a team of consultants who can help see your business from a different perspective and help you reach the NEXT LEVEL.

Q&A with Kristin Creative

We sent over a request for some Q&A with Kristin Cooknell, owner of Kristin Creative, and a graphic designer on our Market House team.  With growing trends rising this year in marketing and branding choices, and emphasis on influence graphic choices for civilian branding as well as consumer marketing, we wanted to hear her thoughts on the basics of design and trends!  Read more to find out where she suggests you start when making those design decisions!

A few examples of Kristin's design work featured above

What is your favorite trending design element?

So many! I always like the minimalistic designs. flat design. responsive logos!!! 

& gradient & bright and bold colors! 


What is your LEAST favorite trending design element?

papyrus? lol 


If you were to create a design board palette, where do you usually begin?

I go back to the original conversation or questionnaire from the client on what descriptive words they told me they would want their brand to represent and I find colors, photos, logos, patterns, etc to match those words.


When making branding and design choices for a new company, what are the first questions you ask clients?

  • what are they trying to accomplish?
  • why are they wanting to do that?
  • how do you want people to feel about your services?
  • who are you trying to attract?
  • how do you feel you stand out from others in your field?
  • examples of best and worst branding to them and why?
  • any details they cannot live without in their design, whether that be color, image, or whatever… and i do my best to incorporate it if it makes sense or offer alternative ideas to accomplish the same goal. 


How do you go about updating a branding look for a client that is already established?

Type is always the place I start! And I usually look to see if I can simplify what they have going already - I find a lot of companies can really just simplify the logo or marketing materials and quickly and almost effortlessly update the brand and feel instantly modern.


How often should company’s design be refreshed?

A few different reasons I think design should be refreshed:

  • If your company has changed direction, maybe significant new services, products, or company mission has been introduced, mergers, etc. Time for change.
  • if design trends have drastically changed, keep with the times!
  • If your brand has outdated design elements - think italicized fonts, gradients or bubbly text in your logo. 
  • Your brand is overly complicated (these are tough to integrate to web) if your logo is hard to decipher or difficult to read - its time.


What’s your advice to business owners designing their own marketing?

  • Whatever you choose to do - keep it consistent. Color theme, fonts, photo style, voice/tone. 
  • Don't try and be something you aren’t. Be yourself. 
  • Depending on how large your company is, I would consider using an expert in the field to get branding templates created and started for you to create a consistent theme that you can follow on your own. 


What elements of design out-date the fastest?

Bad fonts. overused stock photos. 


What’s the most important part of the design process for a client?

Communication! Give input! Be as clear and concise as possible with your designer. (We aren’t mind readers)

I like seeing, for example, websites the client likes and doesn't like if I'm the designer of their site. (and why they don't like certain elements is very important)


Additional Thoughts

To me - design is more about problem solving than picking colours and cool updated photos or making things look pretty- successful design communicates clearly a message. Or even better said by Steve Jobs...

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." Steve Jobs

HOW TO // Setting your demographic parameters for your Facebook business page

Hey-o!  Hope your week is treating you well!  I (Jessica) thought I'd take a bit of time and do up this quick tutorial to give some oversight on how to maximize your facebook business page.  It can be irritating to be throwing content out into the wind and hoping it'll catch - however, making sure the back end of your parameters on your page are set correctly can relieve the majority of that headache.  Take a look and let us know if there are any other questions you'd love answered by our team!



A quick tutorial on how to make sure your facebook page is visible to your target audience.

2018 Social Tips


You've got your business going, gained a following, found your target market, and now you're ready to put some effort into your social media and turn those followers into customers. 

That's great!  Now what?

We at Market House have put together some quick tips for you to try for your 2018 social calendar that will set you up to stand out in the market!

This one is a fun one for those that are a community-minded brand, a physical location-based company, or a contest-driven business!  There are many ways to be able to use this custom feature via Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook - however, Facebook is the easiest and cheapest option of the lot to develop your own vector frame for your company. 

What is it?

Well, essentially it's a custom frame that can be authored to be placed over profile photos for special events and advertising, or can be made available for the camera feature to your clients and visitors to your page.  You can design it based on an actual frame (photo outlining frame), or as a virtual vector (much like those cute/creepy Snapchat puppy faces).  


What do you do with it?

The beauty of this feature now being available to the public vs private is that you can now use it for clients and customers to claim the ownership to your company. 

What we mean by that:

-You're a wedding coordinator, bridal shop, or florist and your frame option for your company says "I'm a (insert your company) bride!" - this enables an ownership mentality, pride in your company, and a wider range of visual marketing you weren't reaching before through clients

-You're a local sports team and your virtual vector is your mascot with a contest to take photos 'with it' around the city - instead of a physical object, this now opens the door to a wider range of participants

There are endless options and uses for this feature!  You do need some design experience or can hire out to set this up for your company, but it's well worth the investment.

Check it out here:

Cleaning up your Instagram and Facebook is a great way to do some spring cleaning on your visual aspects of your online branding and get a fresh start for the new year ahead!

What do we mean?

Now, when we say "clean up" - you don't need to be going overboard.  Anything over 3-4 weeks isn't necessary because very rarely will the algorithm be pulling it up again in feeds.  On Instagram, a good rule of thumb is the first 2 full sets of 9 (or 12 if you're on alternate mediums).  On facebook, the last 6 posts is plenty and is the average-maximum limit of scroll in length.  

How do you start?

Having a clear sense of your branding is a must.  Sitting down with a designer and developing a fresh design board can be essential to your coming year.  It can also make funneling content that much easier when deciding what needs to go first in order to move in the proper direction with your marketing.

Once you've done your clean up and you're ready to start implementing your new branding for the year, it's time to get creative.  If you're finding a 3x3 restricting to your design process, there are great apps like Grid Post or Cut that make photo splitting much easier.  You can also get creative with a grid pattern like these:

Engaging with your audience and demographic is such a vital aspect of your online presence.  Make 2018 the year you start speaking up!  

Nobody likes a robot.

When you're ready to start conversations, be genuine.  To keep it simple, as far as algorithms go, the longer the comment the better.  Start a real exchange by asking questions and keep the dialogue going.  There are companies that you can hire to do this for you with pre-selected comment text that hits your target demographic, which can be effective in building a steady and large following - however, we believe in small and effective numbers building that develop genuine interest, relationships, and long-term loyal business.  Robots don't have emotion, repeat comments, and usually are using the follow/unfollow method - it takes about 0.5 seconds to sniff them out and unfollow them.  It's like a fly on the wall that you want to squish.  Don't get yourself squished.

How do you start?

You can use user-friendly feed filters and schedulers such as Hootsuite to find your demographic for you, and in the meantime you can seek out or start your own pod for instagram and facebook to try to beat the algorithm a bit.  These pods are great for peer support, genuine following, and to develop relationships with like-minded individuals such as bloggers, photographers, graphic artists, business professionals, etc.  You can mutually boost each other's posts and platform presence, however be weary that these sites are often time consuming to maintain your end of the bargain when you enter into comment-for-comment / like-for-like / follow-for-follow threads.


Need help putting these into practice? We'd love to help!